The Team

The team at RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport are a dynamic and diverse group of volunteers committed to making motorsport events happen. Team members have specialist skills in the following areas:

Medical Professionals                

Doctors, Paramedics and Nurses with current experience in Trauma / Emergency or Intensive Care. 

 motocross medical  Mobile Treatment Centre Medical Centre FIV Medical Centre Altegra Treatment Centre Pit Tent Doctor Paperwork

Experienced Motorsport Officials

Clerks of Course, Race Control Operators, Incident Controllers, Compliance Checkers, Course Checkers, Communicators / Observers, Starters, Radio Operators, Flag Marshals, Pit Lane Marshals, Fire Marshals, Scrutineers, Vehicle Recovery, First Intervention Vehicle Drivers, Time Keepers/Scorers, Event Secretary and Event Management.

All team members volunteer their time and professional skills and expertise in the interest of motorsport with a view to provide an exceptional level of service to the competitors in the safest environment.

Team members are provided with the opportunity to multi task and be trained in other roles within the sport.

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All team members from RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport participate in a comprehensive internal training program including safe helmet, Leatt Brace and HANS head & neck restraint removal as well as patient extrication and trackside safety.

These training sessions are held monthly, enabling team members the opportunity to become familiar with racing concepts, cars and track side safety, best medical practice in a Motorsport environment and increased knowledge in equipment use and handling of all RACESOLUTIONS MOTORSPORT medical and trackside equipment.

 Leatt Brace TrainingMotocross Helmet TrainingExtrication Training Formula Ford

 RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport team Incident response Training Day 2010  Training 2010 Incident Response Training Day

Team Member Profile       Name:Peter Allen                                                                                                                                     
Nickname: Rio
Interests: Sport, The Kids
Favorite Holiday Destination: The Murray
Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Drink: Red / Honey

Best Motorsport Event attended: Any Gippy round with Racesolutions.