Geelong Revival “As Motorsport Director of the 1st Just Cars Geelong Revival, we employed RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport to supply us with a complete package for the event. RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport delivered beyond our expectations on all aspects. The team was highly professional throughout the whole weekend and greatly contributed to the success of the event. Our competitors’ feedback was also positive, the general response is that all RACESOLUTIONS team members had a smile on their face, and were very helpful and knowledgeable of motorsport. We highly recommend RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport as a complete solution to any motorsport event”    Scott Pigdon, Motorsport Director Just Cars Geelong Revival 2012.



"As a parent of a rider that had a big crash on the weekend. I would like to pass on my absolute gratefulness in the manner that the RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport team worked. As seeing you at other events I have been an advocate of your teams dedication and speediness to get to the incident and help out the riders. On behalf of Cory, My wife and my self, thank you very much, what you do is amazing".       Kenny Watts (2010)




"As the Clerk of Course on the day, I cannot thank the RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport  Crew enough, the Medical and Incident Response given to the Riders by your team was the best I have seen. It’s the total package and your team should glow in all the accolades they received on the day".  

Anne Lindsay, Clerk of Course  2010 Motul Pirelli Australian Women’s Motocross Championship



  "The RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport team RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport team at the Shell Advance Gippsland Motocross Championshipsof volunteers have become an integral part of the Gippsland Series.
One quote form a parent on the weekend stood out. She came up to ask if she could go out on the track. You were treating her child at the time. The guys communicated that he would be fine and that he was coming in on the ATV. I said she could go out to see her son if she wants and she said and I quote" No that's fine I know he is in the best care. I just wanted to get the bike off the infield for the officials'.

The confidence the team has instilled in the parents and friends of the riders is phenomenal. Rarely do we have a parent run out on the track, but instead they now head to the Race Solutions Medical Treatment Centre and await the arrival of their rider. Your dedication to safety and professionalism in treating all incidents with care and caution is well received by all and certainly shines above all others. The whole team are a pleasure to work with".
Andrew Staff

President of the Gippsland MotoX Region
(commenting on the significance of having the RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport team travel with the 2010 series)


Rally Base Mt Buller Sprint "I could not and still can not believe that your team are volunteers. The professionalism and dedication was superb to say the least. The training your members have, the quality of the work that they did, the level of concentration was beyond belief. I initially though that the majority of your team would be well paid professionals because that is the way that they presented. I could not believe the time frames your team worked within and the time of or lack of time it took to get to incidents. The way information flowed to Rally Base and the emergency coordination centre was terrific. Even though we were in the Rally Base and could not see the actual race we were able to see what was going on through their feedback.

You and your team are a credit and motor sport in Australia is better for having you all there. I look forward to working with you all again in the near future."
Sergeant M. Fabris

Mansfield Police Station


 "The Committee of the Maserati Club on behalf of our club members, thanks RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport for the professional manner in which your team conducted itself at our Trident Track Day at Sandown International Motor Raceway on Sunday, August 22, 2009. Your team reacted quickly and performed professionally. We look forward to working with you at future events". 
Jim Reark

President - Maserati Club of Australia


RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport team Mt Buller Sprint

"...with a highly trained team of professional medical response staff from RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport, produced one of the best tarmac rallies I've ever been to"
Samantha Stevens

Wheels Magazine


"To be in any event where RACESOLUTIONS has command is always a brilliant event, well run, well greased, slick operators."
Jeff Denmeade

Competitor - Mt Buller Sprint & ATC


 "Spanning four states and a true national series, the Dutton Rally had become the best known and most professionally run tarmac sprint event in the country, and truly world class event.

One of the keys to our success is RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport. RSM is our official safety, medical and support crew at all events. Their volunteer members are a dedicated core of nurses, doctors, paramedics, drivers and key motorsport officials specialising in the provision of trackside personnel and emergency medical services for events.

The values of the RACESOLUTIONS crew are clearly focused on team work, working together with all groups at motorsport events to provide the best service for competitors and promoters.

Keep up the good work guys, you really make our events great!"
Sam Beck
Dutton Rally Australia

 RACESOLUTIONS Motorsport team Dutton WA

"After the WA round of the Dutton Rally I wanted to say how impressed i was with the officials. The Dutton has become the best organised rally in Australia and the best value for money, and the best fun.

In addition the friendliness and efficiency of the officials is quite outstanding, and was particularly evident in the atrocious wet conditions in WA.

Amanada and I have doen about 30 different rallies over the years so our judgement of your terrific bunch of people is bases on a lot of experience at rallying and 12 years track racing.

Please pass on our warmest congratulations to the team and we look forward to the next Dutton."
Greg Keene & Amanda Sparks
2007 Alphera Dutton Rally National Series Champions


"I recently competed in the 2007 Mt Buller Sprint in my Subaru Impreza WRX STi, the weekend was one of difficult circumstances and trying conditions. I was impressed with how the RACESOLUTIONS Officials conducted themselves and the event.

As a V8 Supercar Driver, V8 Ute Driver and regular rally competitor I see and meet a lot of officials, I was impressed how friendly and professional the RACESOLUTIONS Officials were.

it was a pleasure to come down from the moutain and receive smiles and waves from this very skilled unit! I was impressed to hear that his team is made up of people who have been in motor racing for some time, and some of the best medical professionals in the country. It certainly puts your mind at ease knowing that these people are there should anything untoward happen.

I would be happy to attend any event that RACESOLUTIONS were running or attending!"
Grant Denyer
TV & Racing Personality